Is Your Alarm Silenced?

Think “It will go Away?”

This is a common misconception about the body and its “alarm” system.  Pain is the result of inflammation from an infection and/or injury of some sort.  But, what is the purpose of pain? It tries to get your attention to let you know something is wrong and needs to get checked out.

It appears to me, society believes that if you take pain medication, whether over-the-counter or prescribed, and it relieves the discomfort, then the problem must be solved, right?  WRONG!!!  This only masks the complaint by silencing the alarm.  I often explain it this way:  When there is a fire in a field, someone notices it and calls the fire department.  The department then sets off an alarm to notify all available personnel to respond.  Now, after they get to the fire house, put on their gear and get ready to put out the fire, are they going to turn off the alarm?  Absolutely.  But, has the fire been extinguished?  Is the fire out, just because they turned off the alarm?  No, not at all.  The problem is still ongoing.  This is true with the body.  When something happens to set off an “alarm”, it is to notify you.  But then, you silence it with medication.  This absence of active pain does not mean the problem is corrected and all is well.  Being pain free does not mean a problem does not exist or has gone away.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for the use of medication and surgeries and of all types of medical care.  Use pain medication for a short time only for a complaint that has not been diagnosed by a medical professional but make the time to get it checked.  It may be nothing; it may be something.  Don’t silence your body’s early warning system.

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