After over 15 years of rib pain from an incident at work, doctors said there was nothing wrong. This past December my lower back became almost unbearable to sit for any length of time. With not wanting to get to a regular doctor to mask the pain, I wanted it fixed. Being that I had been to chiropractors before and had very good luck I decided this would be a very good option. In late December, I came in and had my initial visit and consultation with Dr. Fulkerson. He explained and showed me everything that was going on and how would best be able to fix my problem. After the first few visits, I had already noticed a huge difference and my rib pain that I had been living with for over 15 years was gone. Dr. Fulkerson explained how my back issues were causing my rib pain in the front. After finishing my original plan of action, I have to say my back has never felt better. I plan on keeping a once a month appointment to keep my back in check and maintained. Being that my job keeps me busy lifting and bending in many odd positions and with most of the time very heavy weight, I would highly recommend Dr. Fulkerson to anyone and everyone. But one must keep in mind that probably most issues dealing with back pain is not a one visit fix…it takes time and patience.

— Daren M.

I first came to Dr. Fulkerson in August of 2016. I was having pain in my neck and upper/mid back and having lots of headaches. The headaches I was getting were so intense…shooting pains…that I could not concentrate and could not work well. I was doing my job just to get by and go home. I did not want anyone to bother me and was always in a bad mood. When Dr. Fulkerson did an exam and evaluation, he was showing me things that can cause the headaches. Then I knew he could help me because he was able to prove to me by the x-rays, something no MD has done for me. I noticed changes about 2 weeks later. The headaches were not as strong. Then about a month and a half later, I was having less headaches. I also noticed I had more motion in my arms. I could move them up and back faster without pain. I also have more motion in my neck. I can do a circular motion with no pain. Now I am able to concentrate and put more thought into my job due to less pain. There was one side effect I noticed. It was not the original problem, but adjustments have done well on my stomach problems. I was not able to eat bacon, pizza, hot sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, BBQ sauce, lemons, oranges, and jalapenos, all the foods that I loved, because I had bad heart burn/acid reflux. I have been off my medication for a month now and can eat whatever I want to without pain and vomiting and doing great. That was a shocker for me. Thanks to Dr. Fulkerson for the adjustments and chiropractic care.

— Maria M.

I came to see Dr. Fulkerson in hopes of him helping me with the constant pain I had been experiencing in my neck and hips.

I thought that I just needed an adjustment and all would be well, but I didn’t know how serious my problem was. I had not been to a chiropractor in 20 years. I had been thinking that the problem would go away sooner or later. After x-rays and him explaining the problems I was having and the treatments he would be doing, I was still very skeptical how much I would be helped. I have been through 4 weeks of treatments with much relief and little pain left to deal with. I have a lot more energy, I sleep better than I have in 4 years, and my headaches are decreasing daily. I know that this problem I have in my back and neck will never go away but at least I can enjoy myself and feel better as much as I can on a daily basis. Thank you so much Dr. Fulkerson for your knowledge and ability to improve my health.

— Nancy M.