Stress. It is a word we are all too familiar with. Stress is that feeling we get when the pressures of life come down on us. But, did you know that stress can be categorized as “distress” and “eustress.” Distress is the negative-effect type of stress. This type is very familiar to most people. It often leads to increased worry, muscle tension, heart rates and blood pressure. But eustress is the positive stress in life. Getting a promotion at work, planning a vacation, the birth of a new child, and holiday get togethers are examples of positive stress. With Thanksgiving upon us, when the distress of the preparations begins to rise, take some deep breaths, relax your shoulders, and remember it won’t last forever.  Take a few moments to embrace the eustress of the holidays and enjoy the time with family and friends. Say a few extra prayers for all those affected by the fires in California, severe weather and cold in parts of the country, and anyone that has recently lost a love one. And, I would like to say a special “Thank you” to all that read my articles and that give me the opportunity to help them with their healthcare needs.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving from Dr John Fulkerson, DC and staff at Tulia Family Chiropractic.

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