Common Misconception #1


As with most things in life, whether we are talking about a car, a restaurant, a business, or any other service, product, or place, everyone has various opinions about them. This is true with Chiropractic.  Does it work? Is one office better than another? Why this and why that? What about such and such? We all have experienced this and certainly asked our fair share of such questions. In the next few articles we will cover some of these issues as it pertains to chiropractic.

One misconception I hear is: “Why do I have to go so often/frequently?” One factor is that it takes time for your body to heal. Upon injury of any body structure, the body’s repair systems are activated. This process begins by controlling and stopping any bleeding within the tissues. New blood vessels are then grown to help get more of the repair cells to the problem site. This phase could last for several days to weeks or more, depending on the severity of the injury.  Overlapping with this phase, the remodeling of damaged tissues begins. This is where the damaged fibers of muscle, tendons, fascia, bone, etc. are “stitched” back together. This is often with low quality “parts,” scar tissues and adhesions, that are just enough to hold things together. These damaged areas are then remodeled again, but this time with better quality “parts,” to hold better and allow strength to return. This process can take years to completely heal and remodel a damaged area.

This process is why frequent treatment is needed in some cases. The joints are continually manipulated to maintain its proper position, so the repairs can be made with the body in the best structural alignment possible. Scar tissue fibers respond to stress placed upon them. If no stress is present, then the fibers are laid down in a haphazard direction. This can lead to chronically decreased joint mobility and increased sensitivity. Therefore, manipulation of subluxated joints impose “stress” on these fibers causing them to be oriented in the proper direction, limiting their negative effects on joint mobility. This process takes time to complete. Multiple research studies report the minimal healing time to be about 90 days. Obviously, if a person has other health conditions, this may extend the length of time needed. It is part of your body’s “internal clock” for healing.

This “clock” process can be seen during pregnancy. Notwithstanding any medical complications that require appropriate intervention, the normal gestation time is 40 weeks or as it is commonly referenced, 9 months. Now, can a fully grown, healthy child be born in 3 months’ time? Or even 6 months? No. The female body “knows” that it takes 9 months to fully develop the young child, and at the appropriate time begins the labor process. Regardless of how uncomfortable a woman may be during the pregnancy, it cannot be shortened, her body “knows” what is needed and the time necessary.

Another factor is that our bodies develop “habits” regarding joint positioning and tissue tone. When a spinal joint is subluxated, positioned incorrectly, some of the muscles attached to it are stretched while others are lax. They begin to hold a joint in a particular position. It takes repeated manipulations to effectively realign them, to overcome the muscle tone, and eventually retrain the tissues. One can look at it as a tug-of-war. The manipulations are beneficial, but it is combated by the “habits” of the body. Repeated treatments are needed to overcome this “body programming” to allow the proper joint position and mechanics to stay in the correct alignment.

If you or someone you know have any questions about subluxations or your body “habits,” Dr. Fulkerson and staff at Tulia Family Chiropractic are ready to help you find the answer to those questions. Call us at 995-4699 or reach us at

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